What Is A Kitchen Supplier & How To Choose The Best

A kitchen supplier is an organization dealing with supply of kitchen cabinets and bench tops. They have affordable prices since they manufacture and supply directly to customers. This is crucial in ensuring one saves and gets much out of the budgeted kitchen remodelling money. Its designer kitchens are in a variety, and range from the contemporary to traditional ones.

The organization specializes in granite and 2 Pac, and also has reconstituted tops and laminate bench tops. For sure, one getting to the organization can never lack his or her specific test and needs. In addition, it renovates and keep kitchen within a person’s budget.

What to look for when choosing kitchen suppliers

There are several important things that determines on the best kitchen suppliers. These factors have to be put into consideration by anyone looking for a supplier to ensure that he or, she obtains the best product. The most important factors are:

The company reputation

A company with a good reputation has a high chance of providing the best and offering the best customer service.

Company’s way of operating

A company that manufactures and supplies its own products is a good one. This is because they can offer the product at cheap prices compared to others.

How to choose the right kitchen suppliers

Choosing the right kitchen supplier can be quite challenging for one, due to the many options in the market. This process, however, can be made easy by one ensuring to follow certain steps. It is vital to first review the kitchen suppliers in the convenience of a home by making a visit to the websites of the different suppliers. Analysing of the several styles and feature they offer is also crucial. One need not to rush through this process since it is significant.

It is vital to review at least three different suppliers and get estimates from them on their different prices rates. People who have searched for suppliers before have experience. Getting assistance from them by one greatly helps as they can avoid the various mistakes likely to occur.

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Tips for your kitchen renovation?

Kitchen renovation projects not only increase the resale value of your home but also add ease to your lifestyle. Here are 10 important things to be considered during such a project:

1. Quality Materials

First on the list is the quality of the material being used; some of the options you may have to choose from include MDF, melamine, particleboard, laminate or wood veneer. The later is a more popular choice due to its durability.

2. Cabinet heights

If your kitchen has an 8-foot ceiling then the cabinet height should be just as tall. This increases the storage space and offers you a chance to use the extra wall space for open shelves or artwork. A space of 15 – 18 inches should be left above the cabinet for ceilings that are higher than 8 feet.

3. Paint or Stain?

Choose on whether you should paint the cabinetry or stain it. Bush-painted cabinets help create a unique and stylish kitchen. Stain-wood cabinets on the other hand are not easily altered and last a long time.

4. Counter-Tops

The counter-top should be elegant so that they add some warmth to the kitchen. White Carrara marble or stained wood counter-tops will leave visitors awed. You might also like the sophisticated look of honed Kirkstone-slate, Wiarton limestone, soapstone, plastic laminate with a wood edge.

5. The Island

Think of a kitchen island that’s open and airy. Ideally the island should be unfettered by appliances but if you want the island to house a cook top or dishwasher sink combo try to maintain a simple layout.

6. Keep all details simple

Design accents like plaster mouldings on cabinet fronts are not necessary. Remember that the interior decor/design of the kitchen should compliment that of other rooms in the house.

7. Surfaces

Avoid the nightmare of maintenance particularly when it comes to cleaning of surfaces. Surfaces with an intrinsic texture such as terra-coat, tumbled marble, brick and slate are difficult to clean but do a good job of camouflaging the odd speck. Those in a lighter colour such as ceramic or white laminate show everything but are much easier to clean.

8. Stick to basic appliances

Rather than buying lots of gadgets and appliances, consider the ones you really need. For instance, a stainless steel collection will create the perfect focal point and will take up less space compared to having separate wall-ovens and a cook-top.

9. Adjacent Lighting

Incorporate the adjacent dining-room design with appropriate lighting. This clever design will let you adapt the room’s atmosphere to suit any occasion.

10. Design the kitchen to your own taste

It should not look like a showroom but rather a room designed to suit your preference. You can get inspiration from anything you like.

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When is the Right Time to Have a Kitchen Facelift?

Your kitchen is one of the most important places in your house. It is the place where all of your daily nourishment at home is prepared and as a consequence, it is one of the places in your home you spend most of the time in. That is why having a kitchen facelift is not just a fancy renovation for your kitchen. It is a nice way of improving the ambiance in your home and making your time in the kitchen comfortable which is very important. These are some tips which should tell you when that you should have a kitchen facelift now.

Signs where a Kitchen facelift is in order

You find it stressful to work in your kitchen

When the feeling of stress radiates from the kitchen itself, then a kitchen makeover is needed. It is important that good ambiance is maintained in your house as it can affect not only the emotions but the body as well. Clutters, unorganized cupboards, cramp kitchen space due to improper architecture or excessive number of kitchen stuffs are sure sources of stress. Organizing through kitchen makeovers is a sure way to end that stressful feeling whenever you enter your kitchen.

You find your kitchen uneventful and dull

The kitchen should be one of the most creative parts in your house. It is where you create dishes, cook tasty food and enjoy life and should remain that way indefinitely. If you find your kitchen a bit boring, then a ‘perking up’ is in order and you should definitely do a kitchen facelift immediately.

You want a kitchen that impresses your family, friends and yourself.

The kitchen should be one of the best places in your house. Whenever there are guests in your house, one of the places where you can really show off is your kitchen. However, if you tend to fend off people attempting to enter your uneventful, dull and cluttered kitchen, then a huge makeover is really needed. Having a good kitchen facelift can really make your house more comfortable, attractive and livelier and it is never a wrong decision to make.

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Most Popular Trends in Brisbane Kitchens

If you love keeping your home in the current market trends, the kitchen is a great place to start.  With such an emphasis placed on the value of your kitchen in the housing market, it’s important to keep a close watch on the best ways to keep your kitchen up to date.  Experts in Brisbane kitchens can help you maintain a highly functional and trendy kitchen, which will increase the value of your home.  Cabinetry, finishes, colours, appliances, and many other features can be altered to maintain a modern appearance.


The latest trend to rise to the top of the Brisbane kitchens market in cabinetry is maple.  The warm tones of maple are versatile enough to accommodate modern or traditional décor themes, making this the perfect choice for just about any home.

Finishes and Colour

In recent years, natural colours and distressed finishes were the going trend, but things have begun to change in today’s market.  Dark natural finishes tend to be the most popular choice, giving your home a warm feeling.  As far as colours go, greys and beiges have taken over for the once popular brown tones and off-whites.


Contemporary Brisbane kitchens used to be the most popular choice, but today’s home more often feature Shaker style décor.  This simplistic theme includes a contemporary feeling with traditional touches.

When planning any updates to Brisbane kitchens, homeowners will find trends that will appeal to any preferences.  From contemporary to traditional, the experts at Kitchen Suppliers can help you improve the form and function of your kitchen.  The many affordable solutions you’ll find at Kitchen Suppliers make it possible to create a whole new look without spending a fortune.  Contact Kitchen Suppliers today to find out more about the options in kitchen renovations.

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Gold Coast Kitchen Renovations: Tips on Improving Cabinets Affordably

Whether you want to improve appearance or function, there are some simple changes that can be made to kitchen cabinets for a minor investment.  Since the kitchen is where most families spent a great deal of time, it’s important to keep it up to date.  Kitchens also account for a large portion of the home’s overall value, which makes it even more important to make sure it is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Gold Coast kitchen renovations experts offer several affordable services that will give your kitchen a whole new look without breaking the bank.

All too often, homeowners are convinced that it is necessary to tear out old cabinetry and replace it with brand new ones.  In most cases, the structure of the cabinets is sound, making it possible to reface or refinish the cabinets for a fraction of the cost of brand new ones.  Before you end up spending unnecessary money, consider how viable your current cabinets are.  Some of the things that can be done to existing cabinetry to give it an updated look and higher level of functionality include:

  • Replacing Hardware
  • Replacing Hinges
  • Repainting, Refinishing, and/or Refacing

These are a few low-cost solutions that can improve the appearance of your kitchen dramatically.

Whether you need to replace cabinetry or make some of these minor changes, it’s important to hire professional providers of Gold Coast kitchen renovations.  The team at Kitchen Suppliers provides the highest level of service on all Gold Coast kitchen renovations.  When you’re ready for service you can depend on, contact Kitchen Suppliers.  The slightest investment you make in your kitchen will boost the value of your home instantly.  Let Kitchen Suppliers help you improve the appearance and efficiency of your home.

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Living on the Cutting Edge with Custom Office Furniture for Brisbane

The days when a battered file cabinet, a well worn desk with a green baize writing pad at its center, and a stuffy-looking leather armchair on a pivot could suffice for an office’s décor are long gone – if, indeed, such offices ever existed outside the imagination of film noir writers and directors of old gangster movies. Modern office furniture should be as trendy and modernistic as possible, to project the image of a firm that is advancing boldly into the future, embracing change.

The custom office furniture for Brisbane that Kitchen Suppliers offers will give your workspace fresh energy and dynamism, and let your clients, financial backers, and other visitors know that you are serious about keeping up with the times.

Having office furniture custom made for your office has a number of advantages, not least of which is that the chairs, desks, cabinets, and other items that you commission us to create will match your décor very well. Not all modern furniture fits into all modern rooms – in fact, there is more variation in design now than there ever has been in the past, with the unfettered imagination of artists combined with the unprecedented mix of materials and technical ability to create shapes which former generations could never have matched.

You can also pick the blend between style and comfort that you find most appealing – if you want wood and fibreglass chairs without any padding to spoil their smooth planes and clean lines, we will be happy to oblige. If you prefer seat cushions and padded backrests, we will work these into the design without compromising the contemporary pizzazz of the piece’s overall effect.

We can even take stately old designs and freshen them up with a bit of cutting edge sparkle for you if you so desire. The office furniture for Brisbane we provide will give your workplace a whole new outlook – call us or visit us at www.kitchensuppliers.com.au today to start renovating your office’s look.

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A Striking Focal Point with Brisbane Bathroom Vanities

Kitchen Suppliers Brisbane is not just a firm that focuses on the food preparation areas of the house, but stands ready to bring highly attractive modern design to any room of the house. Another place where clean-lined contemporary decoration is very appropriate is in the bathroom. Adding a custom built Brisbane bathroom vanity to this space is an excellent way to put your unique signature on the room.

The vanity is the focal point of any bathroom. It is the place people come to adjust their appearance in the morning, to carry out most of their daily hygienic functions, including cleaning their hands, washing their face, shaving, brushing their hair, brushing their teeth, and dealing with small facial health problems such as acne, unruly eyebrows, and the like.

With the mirror mounted above a sink which is the very definition of a vanity, this fixture puts a self-examining device and a convenient supply of water directly next to each other. Whether you are splashing your face and touching up your hair with cool water after a blistering summer jog, trimming your nostril hairs and plucking your eyebrows in preparation for an important social outing, or merely trying to extract something irritating from your eye, few arrangements could be better suited to the task.

Both in other locations and in Brisbane, bathroom vanities are today as various as the individuals who use them. We at Kitchen Suppliers Brisbane recognize that our clients are all unique, and that no two bathrooms are alike, either. The placement of other fixtures in the bathroom, the location of a window (if present), the colours and designs of the cabinets, bathtub, and floor tiles, and a host of other features modify the type of vanity that is most apt for a certain space.

For this reason, all of our Brisbane bathroom vanities are custom built to match your needs and specifications. Reliability, professionalism, and low prices are our hallmarks here as elsewhere in our home decoration services – call us today and begin the transformation of your bathroom into a stylish work of art!

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A Sleek Modern Look for Brisbane Kitchens that Fits Your Budget

The dark, cool hue of a brilliantly polished granite counter, standing out against the pure, fresh white of a thoroughly renovated kitchen, is one of the most beautiful designs for Brisbane kitchens, combining contemporary luxuriousness with a strikingly clean appearance.

Usually, designer kitchens cost enough to reduce your pocketbook to a hollow, drooping shadow of its former self, if they are not simply too expensive to be bought at all. The kitchens that Kitchen Suppliers creates for clients like you, however, not only provide the highest level of contemporary flair – they are also affordable, thanks to the fact that we get our materials straight from the manufacturers, and pass those savings along to you, while providing the highest quality work on these projects as well.

Whites are used frequently in kitchens for the same reason that they are used in restaurants and hospitals – any trace of dirt or spilled material can be clearly seen at once, Besides this practical aspect, white looks superb with modern styling, accentuating the crisp geometric shapes and volumes that are used to create the remarkable effects that today’s décor offers.

Bench tops provide the finishing touch to all Brisbane kitchens, and the choice of the proper colour and texture can decide whether your kitchen finishes up looking harmonious and in balance. They can also bring a bit of energy and enlivening contrast to a design that would otherwise be too monochromatic. Since they divide the room both visually and physically at waist height, it is essential to pick something which will provide exactly the look you want and need.

The bench tops we offer range from granite to reconstituted stone (which is cheaper than granite, but offers much the same look and considerably more durability than laminate) to laminate. Whether white or black, light or dark grey, looks best in your kitchen, we can supply and install it. Call us today, and begin the transformation of your kitchen into a sophisticated modern work of art.

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Budget Kitchens Brisbane – Modernise Your Surroundings Within Your Means

When it comes to a home, the kitchen is its heart. The hub of activities for any family, keeping your kitchen functional and modern can be a costly pursuit. Appliances, wall colour, and cabinetry can become outdated quickly; leaving you with a boring and frustrating kitchen that makes cooking difficult. When you’re ready to give your family a modernised kitchen, you’ll want to find an affordable solution that provides quality results. There are several quick fixes that can help you make big changes in your kitchen without going over budget. Budget kitchens Brisbane can include all of the amenities without the hefty price tag.

Kitchens Brisbane – Cabinetry

Kitchens Brisbane | kitchen Facelift BrisbaneChanging your cabinetry will give your kitchen an instant face-lift. If your current cabinets lack function and style, there are many solutions in Brisbane budget kitchens that will help you modernise the area without going overboard. A quick coat of paint and the addition of stainless steel cabinet fixtures will add a contemporary touch to existing cabinets, which can give the kitchen an update if you can’t afford to add new cabinets just yet.

Kitchens Brisbane – Appliances

Kitchens Brisbane | kitchen Facelift Brisbane
Arguably the biggest expense in the kitchen and perhaps the home are the appliances. The biggest trend in appliances today is stainless steel and it is the perfect choice when modernising. Because older appliances can be energy hogs, updating them can yield tremendous savings over the long term. When you’re ready for n update, new appliances may be in order.
Budget kitchens Brisbane should include affordable solutions that don’t sacrifice quality. When in search of a supplier that will give you access to the products you need for your budget kitchen facelift Brisbane, Kitchen Suppliers is the perfect place. With endless options in luxury kitchens at affordable prices, you are sure to find the modern features you want for your new kitchen.

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Discount Kitchens Gold Coast – Top Trends in Eco-Friendly Design

The focus on the environment expands to all areas of life, including your home’s interior.  Making design choices that are sustainable and energy efficient can have a large impact on the world around you.  If you’re making updates to your kitchen, why not consider the many green options that can add functionality without compromising environmental awareness.  Discount kitchens Gold Coast can be both affordable and eco-friendly when you make the right choices.  With the latest trends in mind, you can discover a green approach to design for your home.

Kitchens Gold Coast – Materials

One of the main ways to create eco-friendly design in Gold Coast discount kitchens is through your choice in materials.  Some of the best materials for a green kitchen include:

  • Bamboo—For use in countertops, cabinetry, flooring, cutting boards, and much more.
  • Cork—Can be used throughout the kitchen and is highly sustainable.
  • Recycled Stone—A much better option than many other surfaces for durable countertops.
  • Natural Fabrics—Used in window dressings, chair coverings, and much more.

Kitchens Gold Coast – Appliances

Energy efficiency must also be considered in Gold Coast discount kitchens.  Not only will this keep your energy bills low, but it will also help you maintain an eco-friendly home.  Most new appliances on the market today must meet specific guidelines for energy efficiency.  When shopping for your new appliances, make sure they feature energy efficient operations.

Kitchen Gold Coast – Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is a greener alternative to traditional lights.  The right lighting will complete your eco-friendly design in discount kitchens Gold Coast.

Find many options to suit any design preferences you have for your kitchen at Kitchen Suppliers.  With access to the best in cabinetry, appliances, and more, you are sure to find your way to the kitchen of your dreams when you choose Kitchen Suppliers.

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